Manufacturing facility
Total Quality Management System

Total Quality Management (TQM) is achieved by conforming to WHO guidelines, local regulatory requirements and monographs like BP, USP, EP, etc. TQM of the firm is looked after by the Head of Quality Assurance and all departmental heads work as a team to maintain and follow the TQM system.

  • The TQM system is aimed to ensure that all processes consistently follow standard operating procedures and to assess personnel performance & competence.
  • The TQM system is designed for 'Zero Defect Product' and every employee of the company is an active team member for implementation of the TQM system.
  • Evaluation and approval of all procedures are done by the QA Department.
  • The plant has a fully equipped laboratory testing facilities and has an adequate number of competent and experienced qualified personnel to carry out the manufacturing operations as well as the necessary chemical and microbiological analysis.
  • The QA department is responsible for preparing, issuing, updating, approving, storing and controlling all GMP relevant documents.