ATOZ® Senior is a High potency 31 multivitamin

ATOZ® Senior tablet contains vitamin A, D, E, C, B-complex and minerals: Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Potassium and Iodine. Vitamins and minerals are essentials for normal metabolic functions including hematopoiesis. The members of vitamin B-group are components of enzyme system that regulate various stages of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, each of the components playing a specific biological role. Vitamin C is involved in tissue repair and collagen formation. Vitamin A plays an essential role in the function of retina and is essential for growth and differentiation of epithelial tissue. Vitamin E is an antioxidant which preserves essential cellular constituents. Vitamin D is supplemented for prevention and cure of nutritional and metabolic rickets and for treatment of hypoparathyroidism. Copper, Manganese, Zinc serve as catalysts in enzyme systems which perform vital cellular functions.

Vitamin A5000 IUBiotin30 mcgMolybdenum75 mcg
Vitamin C60 mgPantothenic acid10 mgChloride72 mg
Vitamin D400 IUCalcium200 mgPotassium80 mg
Vitamin E45 IUPhosphorous48 mgBoron150 mcg
Vitamin K10 mcgIodine150 mcgNickel5 mcg
Thaimine1.5 mgMagnesium100 mgSilicon2 mg
Riboflavin1.7 mgZinc15 mgVanadium10 mcg
Niacin20 mgSelenium20 mcgLutein250 mcg
PyridoxinHCl3 mgCopper2 mgLycopene300 mcg
Folic Acid400 mcgManganese2 mg 
Cyanocobalamin25 mcgChromium150 mcg 

Unique ActivityVitamin/Mineral/Trace element
Anti-agingVitamin A, C, E, K, Copper,Manganese,Zinc, Selenium
Cognitive FunctionB Vitamins, Zinc & Copper
EyesVitamin A &Lutein
BonesCalcium, Vitamin D & Other
HeartFolic Acid & Other B Vitamins
ImmunityVitamin A, C, E, Zinc & Selenium
EnergyB Vitamins & Minerals Phosphorus& Magnesium


ATOZ® Senior is a High potency 31 multivitamin preparation with minerals & trace elements to adequately replenish vitamin, mineral & trace elements deficiency and to maintain the proper growth and resistance of body against diseases.

  Dosage and Administration

Orally one tablet daily for adult or as directed by the physician.


ATOZ® Senior is contraindicated in patients hypersensitive to any of its components.


ATOZ® Senior Tablet : Each box contains 5 x 7s Tablet in Alu-Alu blister strip. Each blister supplied in light protected aluminium pouch with desiccant.

  Commercial Pack

Store in a cool & dry place. Protected from light.
Keep out of reach of children.


Warnings : Not indicated for treatment of pernicious anemia or other megaloblastic anemia where vitamin bought from is deficient.

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  • Atoz Senior