Manufacturing facility
Manufacturing Area

The facility is consisted of two buildings.

  • The capsule & dry syrup production facility is on the ground floor of building # 1.
  • It consists of a dispensing booth, dry granulation including sugar crushing, bottle washing and drying, powder filling and cap sealing, encapsulation, bottle labeling and blistering operations and a coating machine.
  • Here, processing and primary packaging areas are maintained at Class 100,000 by a separate and dedicated AHU cum dehumidifier and the secondary packaging areas are maintained and optically cleaned by Package type of air conditioning unit.
  • Tablet manufacturing facilities have been set-up on the 2nd floor along with walk-on type service void.
  • This production area consists of a dispensing booth, granulation and drying, including spray granulation, mixing and blending, compression, coating, and primary as well as secondary packaging areas.
  • This process area is maintained at Class EU-D, Roche E2 using an adequate number of AHUs.