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Radiant Pharmaceuticals Limited

A renowned healthcare solution provider in Bangladesh
Grade of API

Radiant is a manufacturer of branded generics that are “similar ( as a generic ) to others but not the same ( in quality)”. Radiant blends differential values with products in terms of API, formulation technologies and packaging materials. In most of the products, Radiant uses COS (Certificate of Suitability)/EDMF/US DMF grade API that meets all requirements of international regulatory bodies and ensures more purity, more effective action and long term safety.

Advantages of COS grade API:
  • Unspecified impurities are not present or present within pharmacopoeia limits and the toxilogical data are known and declared.
  • No carcinogenic solvents are usually found.
  • Less number of residual solvents are present.
  • Genotoxicity test is mandatory to avoid genotoxic substances.
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